Thursday, 20 October 2016

Hi everyone, I hope you are sitting down - I am finally putting photos onto the blog from the past few months!
The good news is there are a lot of beautiful photos to admire, the bad news is I can't remember who all of the items belonged to - some I wrote down but not all

I do remember this little chappie was made with the leftover yarn from Malcolm's jersey!

The following pictures were taken at our 'Knit in public' day at the library

Back to the meeting
Some opal socks in progress from Val?

And some dyed skeins - Val's again

This jersey is from a pattern that Val made for her little boy (He has now turned 50) and the pattern looks as good as ever

Some of Jaynes yarns spun throughout the 'tour de fleece'
Inspired by some hydrangae

Beanies donated for the oncology unit

Pamela's cabled top from some of her own Corriedale blended with some orange Ashford's sliver

A Babies quilt made by Hilda 

And the back is cute too

Coincidentally Pamela also brought in two quilts recently finished
Quite stunning

And a close up of the beautiful quilting

Margaret Stewart joined us to demonstrate weaving on a square peg loom
She has quite a collection of different sized looms

It is one of those things that is fascinating in it's simplicity

and another square pops off the loom, 
it uses half the length of yarn and a fraction of the time taken to knit a square

You can change up the pattern of weaving to achieve different designs and crochet them into an effective blanket in no time

Show and tell
some sideways knitted gloves and some opal socks by Valerie

A babies vet knitted by Ann for a friend

Ann's zauberball socks started on the plane to Bali and now finished

Soem yarn dyed by Val

A beautifully knitted cardigan, sorry I don't know who created this - can someone let me know?

Some of us had a go on Margaret's looms to make our first diagonally woven squares - I don't think these will be the last (I have my nails ready:)

Husband was out for the day so it was wash day at my place!!

Yarn created for one of the online courses I am doing! this yarn represents a picture of a blurry view seen through a windscreen with melted snow dripping 

Ruth completed another of her amazing jerseys

Anne has been weaving on the sample it and a diagonally woven scarf behind by me

Valerie has made a couple of cute baby girl's dresses using her own dyed/handspun yarn

and some little booties

Some big boy socks knitted in very fine wool

A close up of the sideways knitted gloves - a pattern from one of the old web magazines

Handspun - alpaca blend on the left by Fay and some corriedale on the right by myself

The pictures used on my online course as inspiration to create different yarns

A close up of the diagonally woven scarf - I took the technique shown to us by Margaret last month and translated into a scarf length rectangle = a handspun mixture of yarns, mostly merino and hand dyed mohair locks with a little angelina

Here's the 'blurry' picture used to create the pigtail yarn with beads

Show and tell - October

Southern felters day in October coincided  with felt united day and the theme this year was natural colours so this is what I created - the bag is Merino and the sheep is English Leicester locks - felted

Valerie used the remainder of her sock yarn to make pretty striped beanies
Also some of her hand dyed yarn

Mera's scarf - she only knits at the meetings and this has taken three years to complete this beauty.
Better start another Mera!

And there we are - lots of pictures to enjoy
Sorry to those whose items I have forgotten their owners
See you next month